If you require a pager

Please note that due to COVID-19, you will no longer need to pay a deposit – please ensure that you have finalized your registration with the Student Centre. Once you have received your I.D. badge, the Student Centre staff will issue you a pager.


If you have a pager issued by another hospital

Please call Locating at 5431 to give them your pager number.

Pager batteries

Available at the Student Centre and 4 Shuter.

Returning your pager

You can return your pager to the Student Centre, Monday to Friday 8-4 or Locating 24/7


How to use your pager

Pager Instructions PDF


Dictation Number

To obtain or reactivate an SMH Dictation Number, you need to go directly to the Transcription Centre located at 1-008 Donnelly Wing (hours: 7:00 am to 4:00 pm).


Please do not use other people’s dictation codes. The sharing of dictation numbers interferes with the Speech Recognition engine which is set up to recognize only the voice belonging to one ID#.

Computer and Email Access

User ID for all the systems is generally your Last Name and First Initial e.g. smithj. (If this does not work as your username, please add your second or third initial e.g. smithjo or smithjoa.) Password for Soarian, Network access, Magic Web, & Event Tracking is Smhtemp + your barcode number (2-5 digits) printed on the right top corner at the back of your ID badge e.g. Smhtemp12345 or Smhtemp123. Please contact help desk at ext. 5751 for assistance.



ID Badge Back SMH

SMH Application

What is it?

Training Link

Logging into Network Access

Verifies your login details with the SMH network. You won’t be able to login into clinical systems (e.g. Soarian, e-Discharge) without completing this process.

Log onto workstation


1. Type the word MAPLE in the internet explorer address bar and hit enter.
2. Enter your Username and Password into Log In section


Outlook email account

Accessing your email is simple via the hospital website. Please visit choose: Working Here>For Staff > Email. Your email is your Your password is the generic hospital password indicated above.


An integrated care system that supports communication between various health care facilities. This is enabled through the exchange of diagnostic reports and images between the various participants.

Please visit:

1. St. Michaels Hospital Intranet

2. Select My Work.

3. Select Tools

4. Select Clinical Systems E-learning.

5. Select Tutorial for Physicians


The portal provides access to information from 11 acute care and six Community Care Access Centres, within the GTA.It includes information on patient admissions, ED documentation, discharge summaries, CCAC information, medical imaging reports and lab results.

Please ensure you have reviewed the privacy and security materials prior to accessing the portal. Acceptance of the End User Agreement confirms that you have received the appropriate privacy and security training. Additional information, training materials and drop-in session dates are available on the intranet http://callaway/web-assets/guides/ConnectingGTA_Overview.pdf


A document management system that allows access to scanned Health Records, Charts electronically.

Please visit:

1. St. Michaels Hospital Intranet

2. Select My Work.

3. Select Tools

4. Select Clinical Systems E-learning.

5. Select Sovera


Enables you to view medical reports, images on your computer.

Login = your network user ID and password.

Please visit:

1. St. Michaels Hospital Intranet

2. Select My Work.

3. Select Tools

4. Select Guides & Manuals.

5. Select Microsoft Office.

Event Tracking

On line incident reporting tool. The event tracking icon can be found on all St.Michael’s desktops

Please visit:

1. St. Michaels Hospital Intranet

2. Select My Work.

3. Select All Applications

4. Scroll down to Corporate

5. Select Test Event Tracking System

User Guides & Resources

1. Emergency Department Consultation Guidelines

2. Medication Reconciliation Learning Package

Please visit:


Wireless Access

You can access files & print, email and internet using your Network ID at LKSI Building.

To login :

1. Search for network, SMH_PRIME

2. Select SMH_PRIME.

3. You will now be redirected to windows explorer & prompted to enter your Network ID & password.

Single Sign On

Single sign on (SSO) minimizes the need to repeatedly type usernames and passwords when working across devices.

Instructions on how to use Imprivata: http://callaway/web-assets/guides/imprivata-sso-tipsheet.pdf

Remote Access

To access your basic applications from outside the hospital premises:

Unity Health FortiToken_FAQ v5

Soarian Token

In order to be able to access your applications from outside the hospital premises you will need to obtain a Soarian token. Hard and Soft Tokens are available.


Hard Token:

Contact the helpdesk, $150 deposit required for assignment


Soft Token:

No deposit required. Simply call IT at x.5751 and request to setup FortiToken, our Remote Access application.


Installing a soft Soarian token

To install a Soarian token, please follow the instructions for your phone type:


Virtual Care and Privacy

Below you will find resources which can help you with setting up your student Zoom account along with some best practices in privacy and virtual care.

Zoom Account Set-up – Students
Quick VC at UHT
Privacy Guide – Working From Home

MDM License/ Phone Encryption

If require to access SMH email on your phone or have your phone encrypted, please submit a request to

Please include the type of phone you have and your SMH email address.

Access Troubleshooting

Under construction

Clinical Applications Training CPOE

Computerized Practitioner Order Entry Training

If you have not been trained on the hospital’s CPOE system mandatory training is required, however training only needs to be done once. Please email: to register for a session and to obtain more information regarding training dates and times.

Classes are held at 2 Queen Street EAST, Manulife Building, 8th floor.  Room #810.  You must exit St. Michael’s hospital.  It is on the N/W corner of Queen/Victoria, beside Tim Horton’s.

Other clinical applications:

To ensure you have the knowledge and skill to get the most out of clinical applications such as Soarian Clinical Access (SCA) and CareStream, we offer a wide range of online learning tutorials.

The modules can also be accessed remotely:

  1. Please visit the St. Michael’s Hospital Intranet
  2. Select My Work
  3. Select Tools
  4. Select Clinical systems E-learning