The Toronto Hospital Postgraduate Payroll Association is responsible for covering costs of salaries and benefits and on call stipends. For more information about call stipends please review below

Clinical Fellows are paid through their department.


Pager Reimbursement


You can return your pager to the Student Centre, Monday to Friday 8-4 or Locating 24/7.

If you return your pager to Locating please send us your mailing address so that we can request a cheque reimbursement for you.

Scrubs Reimbursement

Please visit Stores at B2 Cardinal Carter to have your receipt stamped for refund.

After that please proceed to the Cash Office in 1 Donnelly Wing.


Chief/Senior Resident Stipend

The Chief/Senior stipend bonus is paid by PGME but the requests are processed by the Student Centre. If you are a Chief/Senior resident for your service, please contact to make sure we have the information needed to process the request.

Travel Reimbursement

On-call Stipends

All calls should be entered on POWER and are paid by PGME.

For summary of the resident call stipend system please  read the following document Summary Call Stipends

For step-by-step instructions on how to enter your call into the POWER system please review the following document Resident On-Call Input Instructions

For more information please visit:

Please visit for more information.