Electives at SMH


Please note that we require elective students to pay a $50 deposit on pagers.  If you will be requiring a pager for your elective, please proceed to the CASH OFFICE inside St. Michael’s Hospital prior to registering with us.  The cash office is located in the 1st Floor of the Donnelly Wing, South (Queen Street Entrance).  The cash office is open from 0800-1600.  Students who are doing an elective in Family Medicine, Emergency Medicine, Pathology and Radiology do not require a pager.

(U of T students from other academies are asked to use their own pager from their home academy).


CPOE (computerized physician order entry)

This training is not required for students doing a rotation with only out-patients.

***Please arrange to contact the CPOE Training Centre (email:  cpoeeducation@smh.ca) upon receipt of this message, so that you can schedule an appointment, in advance.  Please request an appointment for the first day of your elective placement.   Otherwise, you will not have access to patient information***

Medical Students must book a class by emailing this address – cpoeeducation@smh.ca.

Training takes place in the IT Training Centre. Donnelly Wing sub-Basement. Room B2-007. Important: Accessible only by the Donnelly Wing elevators/stairs by The Second Cup.


Dictation Code

As a clerk, you will be asked from time-to-time to do your own dictation. YOU ARE NOT PERMITTED TO USE ANYONE ELSE’S DICTATION CODE. This includes your resident and/or preceptors.


To obtain your own dictation code, go to the Transcription Center located at 1 Donnelly South Wing between 7am to 4pm.


Dictation codes and re-activations will only be given in person.
Dictation Tips PDF

Call Room Etiquette

Except for CTU Medicine electives and Obstetrics & Gynaecology electives, call rooms are not available for Elective and Selective Students.  For your safety, we recommend call be taken only until 11:00pm.  Please speak directly with your preceptor about how to optimize your elective experience.

Clothing Guidelines

Proper Attire


Policy Statement

St. Michael’s Hospital has an expectation that all employees, volunteers, students and physicians will maintain a professional, well groomed appearance at work in accordance with safety standards and a professional image. There is a business casual dress code in the Hospital; however, all clothing and grooming should contribute to a positive impression of the Hospital. Professional conduct, in accordance with the Code of Conduct, is required at all times in the Hospital. This includes treating patients and co-workers with respect and professionalism.

If employees are not suitably dressed, an employee’s manager may ask the employee to go home to change clothing and return to work with loss of pay for time absent from work.


Safe footwear in Clinical Areas

Safe footwear for clinical areas must fasten securely to the front and back of the foot and have a wide-based low-profile heel and non-slip sole.  Safe footwear will offer protection from the potential risk of biological or chemical hazards through closed toes and heels and have no holes or perforations.  Shoes must be able to be disinfected, e.g. shoes made from leather or rubber materials etc.  Shoes containing mesh material is not considered to offer sufficient protection from blood or bodily fluid or chemical exposures therefore they cannot be worn.


Education Coordinators


Betty Ann Lemieux

Education Coordinator, Department of Medicine


(416) 864-6060 x 4176

Julia Chapman

Education Coordinator, Department of Otolaryngology


(416) 864-6060 x 5276

Haleh Rahimi

Education Coordinator, Department of Obstetrics & Gynaecology


(416) 867-7421

Kathleen Hollamby

Education Coordinator, Department of Paediatrics


(416) 864-6060 x 3163

Jeff Loudermilk

Education Coordinator, Department of Psychiatry


(416) 864-6060 x 6481

Dr. Carol Loffelmann

Department of Anaesthesia


Marvin Lalog

Education Coordinator, Department of Emergency Medicine


(416) 864-6060 x 5094

Michelle Dominey

Education Coordinator, Surgery Department


(416) 864-6060 x 3949

Helen Son

Education Coordinator, Department of Ophthalmology


(416) 867-3708