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Educating Our Future Healthcare Professionals

The Unity Health Student Centre supports a superior student experience for all students at Unity Health Toronto through the provision of centralized administrative and support hub for all student activity. The Student Centre is a welcoming environment that supports over 6,000 students annually from all student types including Health Disciplines, Nursing, Medicine (undergraduate and postgraduate) and Administrative and Operational. Any student completing a placement at Unity Health Toronto must be registered with the Student Centre prior to starting their placement. 

Our Impact


6,000 learners supported annually across 31 disciplines 

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93% of learners felt welcomed and accepted as part of the team during their placement

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92% of learners would recommend their placement at Unity Health Toronto

What our learners say:

The time I have spent at St. Michael's Inpatient pharmacy had taught me a lot of things required to be a Pharmacy Technician. The knowledge I have acquired or learned will help me become a successful Pharmacy Technician in future.
I was able to complete two placements at St. Joseph's [3L Paeds and the NICU]. Both experiences helped me recognize my passion for paediatric nursing and I look forward to hopefully working there in the near future.
Through my placement at Providence I have developed an understanding of the complexities of Providence patient population and the interplay of their psycho-social, financial and medical needs. Also, I now have a greater appreciation of maintaining a system-based perspective when supporting clients by considering all the intersectionality factors.
I have really enjoyed this experience, it has enlightened me about physiotherapy and my role in rehabilitation. I had received a lot of hands on work and gained confidence in working with patients independently. The staff I worked with very helpful and involved in answering many questions and/or concerns.

Come work with us!

We hope that you are having a terrific experience at Unity Health! Learners play an integral role in the fabric of our healthcare teams.

Did you know that there are lots of casual, full & part time job opportunities that can be a great fit for our students? We encourage you to take a look at our job postings which can be found on both our internet page or our intranet page

We look forward to having you as a colleague soon, should you have any questions please don’t hesitate to reach out to: recruitment@unityhealth.to!

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