Undergraduate Medicine

St. Michael's hospital

FitzGerald Academy

The University of Toronto MD Program delivers portions of the curriculum via the academy structure. St. Michael’s and St. Joseph’s hospitals in Toronto are the anchor sites for the FitzGerald Academy. At our Academy, our students learn clinical skills, participate in case-based learning, and have opportunities to participate in interprofessional educational activities.

Our clinicians are dedicated to excellence in medical education and provide medical students with the hospital-based portions of the curriculum. We bring together amazing students and dedicated, compassionate teachers in a setting that is focused on providing the best clinical care to our patients. We believe that treating students with respect results in students learning how to treat patients well – with expertise, dignity and compassion.

FitzGerald Students, click here for more information. 

Information for Elective Medical Students

Electives are an integral part of the curriculum for fourth-year MD students. Students may start booking electives at UofT a year in advance using the registration system ROUTE on MedSIS. This system is made available to students in September of the third year of the UME curriculum.

Unity Health is fully affiliated with the Temerty Faculty of Medicine, University of Toronto, Electives office and operates in accordance with its policies and procedures.  For details about eligibility and information about the application process, please visit the Temerty Faculty of Medicine Electives website.


before you start

Online Registration

Approximately 2-3 weeks before your placement, you will be emailed instructions on creating a placement in the Student Registration System (SRS).

Mandatory Modules

Ensure that you complete the e-learning modules and mandatory requirements found in the SRS. Go to My Requirements and complete all the mandatory modules under My Unity Health courses AND My St. Michael's courses.


Once you have completed steps 1 & 2, you will receive a confirmation email with further instructions.

while on placement

ID Badge

Where: 10-Peter Gilgan Tower (PGT).
Hours: open 24/7 

You are not permitted to get your ID badge until you have received confirmation from the Student Centre. Without confirmation, you will be turned away.

Bring two pieces of photo identification; one must be a government issued photo ID in order to obtain a hospital badge. 

Use the QUEEN ST Main Entrance. (Don’t use the new PGT Entrance). Once inside the lobby, take the Donnelly South Elevator (your far right) to 10-Donnelly. Make a right, walk down the ramp towards the double doors, and use the Open Door Push Button. To your right is the Badge Station, Service Desk-10-703 for your badge and username.


Where: Stores/Linen Department, Cardinal Carter Wing (take the south elevators) to B2.
Hours: Monday-Friday, 8:00am – 4:00pm

$60 deposit for 2 pairs, payable by debit or credit. 

Bring your valid ID badge.

Scrub machines:

  • B2 – Donnelly (press SB in the elevators) 
  • 6-Cardinal Carter (across from Tim Horton’s)


Where: The Student Centre, inside Li Ka Shing Knowledge Institute (209 Victoria Street) Room 575
Hours: open  Monday-Thursday from 8:00am – 4:00 pm; Friday from 8:00am – 3:30pm 

$50 deposit, payable by debit or credit. 

Call locating at ext. 5431 to register your pager.

You can use a PageNet pager at Unity Health, even if the pager is from a different hospital. If your outside pager is labelled PageNet, you don’t need to get a St. Michael’s pager.

If you don’t have a PageNet pager, the St. Michael’s Student Centre will issue you one.

System and Email Access

Using a computer on site (either in your service area or the student centre), log in using the username provided with your ID badge. Your username is generally your Last Name and First Initial e.g. smithj. 

Once you are on a computer on site, change your temporary password. Temporary passwords follow the following template UHTtempxxxx! (alphanumeric series on the back of your ID badge, top-right corner).

  • Email access – click here
Below are some of the clinical applications that 3rd and 4th year medical students are given access to. 

An integrated care system that supports communication between various health care facilities. This is enabled through the exchange of diagnostic reports and images between the various participants.

The Carestream solution is a state-of-the-art PACS that promises to better support patient care through more timely, user friendly and multi-featured access to medical imaging exams across the enterprise at St. Michael’s Hospital. 

A document management system that allows access to scanned Health Records, Charts electronically

Remote Access

Once you’ve logged into your Unity Health email address, you will find an email from FortiToken. If your FortiToken email has expired (after 7 days) call Help Desk at 416-864-5751.

Follow the installation instructions provided to download the FortiToken application. 

  • Click here to access your email remotely 
  • Click here for remote Soarian access
If you already have a FortiToken provided by St. Joseph’s Health Centre, please contact Help Desk at 416-864-5751. 

Dictation Code

Where: Transcription Centre, 1-Donnelly South Wing. 
Hours: Monday-Friday from 8:00am – 4:00pm

Digital Dictation is an application to create a Daily Note or Consult Note which will migrate to Soarian Clinicals (Patient Record). You can launch via any St. Michael’s PC or Citrix. 

Dragon Medical One (DMO) enables you to create text, via speech recognition, directly into your Consult/Daily note. DMO can also be used to dictate an email or Word document but this will not be part of the Patient Record. You can launch via any St. Michael’s PC or Citrix. 

Resources for Clinical Instructors, Preceptors and Placement Supervisors

Facilities and Spaces


Resources & Guidelines

Facilities and Spaces


Resources and Guidelines

before you leave

ID Badge

Return this to the Student Centre or the Security Desk (main floor of the Peter Gilgan Tower)

Learner Experience Survey

Your voice matters and you can make a difference. Please remember to complete this survey.

Information for Enriching Educational Experiences (EEE)

Step 1: Register your placement in advance on MedSIS. For more information, click here

Step 2: For non-FitzGerald students, please contact the Student Centre about next steps. 

Have questions? Contact us here