Undergraduate Medicine


University of Toronto MD Students

Welcome to St. Joseph’s Health Centre! As an undergraduate medical student, you will complete both core and elective placements at the health centre.  Core placements are confirmed prior to the start of the academic year. Electives are an integral part of the curriculum for fourth-year MD students. Students may start booking electives at UofT a year in advance using the registration system ROUTE on MedSIS. This system is made available to students in September of the third year of the UME curriculum.

Update for Visiting North American Elective Students In light of the ongoing concerns with the COVID 19 pandemic, the AFMC Board approved the recommendation from the AFMC Committee on Undergraduate Medical Education (UGME) that there be no visiting electives for the class of 2022 across Canada.

before you start

Online Registration

Once your placement is confirmed by UofT, you will be emailed instructions on creating or logging into the Student Registration System (SRS) to register your placement.

Mandatory Modules

Ensure that you complete the e-learning modules and mandatory requirements found in the SRS.


Once you have completed steps 1 & 2, you will receive a confirmation email with further instructions.

while on placement

ID Badge

Once your placement has been validated on the student registration system, your badge access request is sent to security.  You are welcome to drop by Security any time prior to the start of your rotation to pick up your badge. The security office is open between 8:00 AM – 4:00 PM  Monday – Friday.You must wear your badge at all times. At the end of your rotation, return the badge to the Student Centre office or to Switchboard after office hours.

If you have an SJHC Badge from a previous rotation please bring it with you.  It can only be used if your student type has not changed (ie. past rotation and current rotation are as a medical student/clerk).  If your student type has changed, you will need a new badge (ie. you are now a resident). You will need to visit Security to have it reactivated.

You are not permitted to get your ID badge until you have received confirmation from the Student Centre. Without confirmation, you will be turned away.


When your placement is validated, you can print/fill out the  Scrub Suit Deposit Form. Please take it to Cafeteria (between 7 AM- 10:30 AM or 1:30 PM – 3 PM). A deposit of $50.00 will be required, which will provide access to two (2) scrub suits. (The original receipt is required to retrieve the deposit.) 

 You can either email a picture to meded.sjhc@unityhealth.to or take this signed ‘SJHC Scrub Deposit form’ to the Student Centre office (Rm 1S -111).  The  team will provide authorized access to the Scrub Bank Machine. To use the scrub machines you will need your badge, which will be scanned, to receive a new pair and to return the used pair

  • Operation Room Hallway, 2ndFloor of Barnicke Wing outside of OR
  • Family Birthing Centre, 1stFloor, Our Lady of Mercy (for students on FBC only)
  • Barnicke Wing Hallway, 1stFloor, 1B-211A (besides Dietitian Office)
  • Diagnostic Imaging, Ground Floor (for ER, Radiology Students only)
  • Operation Room Hallway, 2ndFloor of Barnicke Wing outside of OR
  • Family Birthing Centre, 1stFloor, Our Lady of Mercy (for students on FBC only)
  • Barnicke Wing Hallway, 1stFloor, 1B-211A (besides Dietitian Office)
  • Diagnostic Imaging, Ground Floor (for ER, Radiology Students only)

Contact the Student Centre at meded@stjoestoronto.ca. They can change your scrub size in the system.

Since the machine will always dispense a scrub top then a scrub bottom, you may miss or forget to take your bottoms. If you do so, place your top back into the receiver machine and get a full a set from the machine.

A sign will be posted on the front of the machine if it’s out of service. In that case, scrubs will be provided to your unit. Ask you supervisor where you can retrieve these scrubs. If the machine is broken and there is no sign up, please let the front desk know and they will contact Environmental Services to fix the machine and provide extra scrubs to the unit.


We ask that if possible, please use your mobile phone. If you do require a pager, you can visit the Student Centre Office in 1S-111, Sunnyside Building(8 AM-4 PM). There is a $50 refundable deposit required.

Dictation ID

A request for a dictation ID has automatically been submitted with your placement. Once your placement is  validated, you will receive it in the follow-up email. Please refer to the  Onboarding Information for user instructions. 

System & Email Access

Remote Access

A request for remote access has automatically been submitted with your placement.  You will be sent activation details to your Unity Health email based on device type:  Apple or Android.   Once your placement is validated, you have 7-days to activate your remote access.  This must be done on-site.   If you continue to have problems please follow-up with helpdesk at extension 3805.

1. Fortitoken Guide – Apple Devices
2.  Fortitoken Guide -Android Devices

If you are already set up with email and remote access through St. Michael’s:

  1. Go to angel.smh.ca and log in using SMH credentials
  2. Open “Desktop”
  3. Open any web browser and visit https://citrix.unity.local/Citrix/AppsWeb/
  4. Login with UNITY\ Username and your SJHC password

Zoom Account

Anyone with a @unityhealth.to email address, including medical learners and students can sign up for a Basic
Zoom account under the Unity Health Zoom Health Care license. You can use this account for virtual care
meetings on a non-hospital device (e.g. a personal device).

Please see ‘Setting up your Unity Health Zoom Health Care Account’  for further details. 


SJHC has 2 parking garages (Sunnyside Parking Garage and Underground Parking Garron Famiy Wing, formerly Our Lady of Mercy, OLM)  If you require parking, the please contact the IPASS Customer Service: 416-243-6990, Monday –  Friday 8:30 am – 5:00 pm (EST).

For additional information, please see the intranet here. 

Mask Fit Icon

Mask Fit Testing

Please ensure that you record your mask fit information under My Requirements. A mask fit is required to register. 

The model numbers which are acceptable are:

  • 1870+ (this model is produced in Canada therefore we have ample supply – Staff, student are encouraged to be fit tested on this model first.) 
  • 8210
  • 8110s
  • 1860s

If your mask fit has expired or is not one of the models listed, please contact your academy or educational institution. For further assistance, email the Student Centre Office at meded@stjoestoronto.ca or call x4592.

Undergrad Spaces

Call Rooms

Call Rooms are available to book through the Student Centre.  Please call ext. 4592 or email: meded@stjoestoronto.ca with your request.

On the day of your call, the room will be available to you beginning 4pm. You will need to vacate the room by 9:30am the following morning. 


Lockers are available through the Student Centre.  The Locker room is located in 4E-09. Please refer to the Validation Email for access code information. 

Please email meded@stjoestoronto.ca to make your reservation. A lock will be provided. 

Please make sure to empty your locker on the last day of your placement. 

Bike Cages

Park your bike at St. Joe’s. A secure bike cage is available with a $25 deposit. Please print off the Bicycle Enclosure Application.  Visit Patient Accounts (1E-128) to make your deposit. Bring the form/receipt to Human Resources in the Sunnyside Building (Room 1S-126) to gain access.

Student Lounge

 The student lounge is located in 4E-111. Please refer to the Validation Email for access code information. 

Washrooms are located down the hall in the West Wing, by the Call Rooms.


The George Pennal Library is located on the first floor of the Sunnyside Building (in the East Wing) and is one of three library sites comprising Library Services at Unity Health Toronto. As a student with St. Joseph’s Health Centre, you have access to the following Library services and resources:

Choose from live instructor-led or On-Demand workshops to learn about searching databases, managing citations, presentation and infographic software, research impact, systematic reviews, and much more. We also offer custom workshops for groups of 3 or more, contact us for details.

Access to a wide range of health information resources (books, journals, databases, point-of-care tools, etc.) in areas of health and medicine, evidence-based practice, clinical teaching, research, as well as leadership development and anti-racism. Visit our library website for links to resources, and to search our online catalogue. Resources are primarily online, and print materials (books and journals) may be borrowed for two weeks, with the option for a 2-week renewal period.

You have access to a suite of research support and collaboration services such as literature search services, online resource guides, interlibrary loan, collaboration for knowledge synthesis projects, and more.

The George Pennal Library includes space for group or independent study and features tables, seating areas, computers, and a printer/photocopier/scanner. The photocopier may be used ONLY to photocopy George Pennal Library material. A single copy may be made for research purposes only – not for reproduction. Please visit our website for space and staffed hours.

Email: library@stjoestoronto.ca
Phone: 416-530-6726
Website: https://library.stjoestoronto.ca/home  

For full details about the library, including the latest space and staffed hours, visit: https://library.stjoestoronto.ca/home

Lakeside Cafe / Second Cup

St. Joe’s has a fantastic cafeteria, offering delicious and freshly made food.  You can find daily menus on the shared N:/ drive under Everyone -> Lakeside Café or call the Lakeside Cafe hotline at: x2433 (CHEF)

Hours:  Monday to Friday 7:30am-3:30pm (but we are usually open by 7:15am)
Saturday and Sunday (11:00am-3:00pm)
Statutory holidays *closed*

The Second Cup is open, 6am – 11pm, Monday – Sunday

Lactation Spaces

Please contact the Student Centre at x4592 or meded@stjoestoronto.ca if you need a place to pump.

before you leave

Pager Reimbursement

Bring your pager to the Student Centre office for a refund. Make sure to have the credit card used to pay for the pager.

Scrubs Reimbursement

Take your scrub form to the Student Centre office and have an Education Coordinator confirm that all scrub sets have been returned. Visit the Cafeteria between between 7 AM- 10:30 AM or 1:30 PM - 3 PM to get your refund.

ID Badge

Return this to the Student Centre/ID badge station/Security office.


Empty your personal belonging and leave lock if any.

Learner Experience Survey

Your voice matters and make a difference. Please remember to complete this survey.

FitzGerald Awards

FitzGerald students will be contacted at the end of each academic year to submit nominations for the FitzGerald teaching awards. The awards will be distributed during the Annual Education Achievement Day.


Call Rooms are available to book through the Student Centre.  Please call ext. 4592 or email: meded@stjoestoronto.ca with your request. On the day of your call, the room will be available to you beginning 4pm.  You will need to vacate the room by 9:30am the following morning.  

St. Joseph’s Health Centre Unity Health has an expectation that all employees, volunteers, students and physicians will maintain a professional, well-groomed appearance at work in accordance with safety standards and a professional image. There is a business casual dress code in the Hospital; however, all clothing and grooming should contribute to a positive impression of the Hospital. Professional conduct, in accordance with the Code of Conduct, is required at all times in the Hospital. This includes treating patients and co-workers with respect and professionalism.

Safe footwear for clinical areas must fasten securely to the front and back of the foot and have a wide-based low-profile heel and non-slip sole. Safe footwear will offer protection from the potential risk of biological or chemical hazards through closed toes and heels and have no holes or perforations. Shoes must be able to be disinfected, e.g. shoes made from leather or rubber materials etc. Shoes containing mesh material is not considered to offer sufficient protection from blood or bodily fluid or chemical exposures therefore they cannot be worn.

If you require safe walk services to your car or within reasonable distance from the hospital, please call switchboard and ask them to call Security.  Someone from Security will come to meet you at your location and walk with you to your destination.

This module aims to promote awareness for staff and learners at Unity Health. Learners can access this module by using the  Log in as guest button.


Enjoy all the benefits of a CFD membership, free to you as a Unity Health learner for the academic year (Sept. 1 – June 30).

As a Unity Health learner, your membership fee will be waived at registration checkout by checking off “I declare that I am a Unity Health Toronto staff, physician, learner, patient/family partner (if applicable) Discounts may apply”

Membership benefits include:

  • 2 Free Workshops
  • Discounted Rates on Programs
  • Live and Archived Rounds
  • Member Exclusive Events
  • Communities of Practice
  • CFD Affiliation & Digital Signature

Please visit the CFD Membership Page for more information and to register.

Please contact us with any questions.

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