St. joseph's health centre

Welcome to St. Joseph's Health Centre!

We are thrilled that you are joining us for a nursing clinical placement at St. Joseph’s Health Centre, Unity Health Toronto. We are committed to fostering a robust and thriving nursing student placement by championing excellence in practice and education.

We are dedicated to providing a safe, constructive and collaborative environment where the staff can role model, teach, coach, and guide nursing students at the point of care and within scope of practice. We treat all with respect, compassion and dignity and are guided by a commitment to excellence, continuous improvement and leadership.

 A warm welcome on behalf of the Student Centre at St. Joseph’s Health Centre, Unity Health Toronto!

before you start

Complete the following items prior to your first day of placement

Online Registration

Once your placement is confirmed, an email will be sent with instructions on creating or logging into the Student Registration System (SRS) to register your placement.

Mandatory Modules

Ensure that you complete the e-learning modules and mandatory requirements found in the SRS. The requirements must be completed at least 5 business days prior to placement.


When all items under My Requirements on the SRS are marked complete, your record will be ready to process for hospital access.

Please mark your calendar for your in-person IPAC training.

The next section will walk you through what you need to do on your first day in order to start your placement.

on your first day

ID Badge

Badges will be available to students who complete requirements via SRS on time. 

Fees: There is no charge for your ID Badge. Replacement badges are $15.

Where to get badge: Go to Security located on the Ground Floor, Glendale Wing, next to the Emergency Department, between 8.00am – 4.00pm, Mon to Fri (recommended).  After hours (weekdays), seek guard’s support when they are available.  

You are not able to get your ID badge until your submission of requirements are complete and validated. Without completion, you will be turned away.

Returning Student: you are able reuse your badge if you return to St. Joe’s for another placement within 12 months.

1. Check off “Returning Student” on SRS

2. Contact: to retrieve your returned badge.

3. Proceed to Security to reactivate your badge on your first day.

Students/Instructors based at RCC do not need a badge from the main site (30 The Queensway). See below for Reactivation Care Centre.


Hospital provided scrub suits are required for placement in Family  Birthing Centre, Operation Room or Intensive Care Unit only. 

After you have obtained your badge, please complete the Scrub Suit Access Deposit Form with your badge number, take it to Cafeteria (between 7:00 AM- 10:30 AM or 1:30 PM – 3 PM). A deposit of $50.00 will be required, which will provide access to two (2) scrub suits. (The original receipt is required to retrieve the deposit.)

Email the receipt and form to to provide authorized access to the Scrub Bank machine.

To use the scrub machines you will need your badge, which will be scanned, to receive a new pair and to return the used pair.

Lockers/Student Lounge

Student lockers are are available at 4G-124 b&c and 4G-108, on the 4th Floor, Glendale Wing. Please see the Welcome Email for access code information.

Lockers are  day use only. Please remove all contents from the locker at the end of each day. Anything left in the lockers will be removed and discarded.  

The Student Lounge is located in 4G-124a, 4th Floor, Glendale Wing.  Please see the Welcome Email for access code information.

Washrooms are located down the hall in the West Wing, by the Call Rooms.

Students/Instructors based at RCC, see below for Reactivation Care Centre

System and Email Access

SRS requirements must be completed at least 3 working days prior to your start date. You can then pick up your computer login from Information/Switchboard on the first day of your placement. 

Your login information will give you access to all systems required by your service. Students with outstanding requirements or late submission will have no records with IT Helpdesk and therefore be unable to request login information from them. 

A Unity Health email address has automatically been requested for you.  Once logged in, go to Outlook and search your name.

Students at RCC who do not receive their computer login please contact

Remote Access

A request for remote access has automatically been submitted with your placement.  You will be sent activation details to your Unity Health email based on device type:  Apple or Android.   Once your placement is validated, you have 7-days to activate your remote access.  This must be done on-site.   If you continue to have problems please follow-up with helpdesk at extension 3805.

Remote access will provide you access to the SJNet and Outlook emails.

1. Fortitoken Guide – Apple Devices
2.  Fortitoken Guide -Android Devices

For student whose placement is off site entirely, please contact helpdesk at ext 3805 for Forti Token set up.


SJHC has 2 parking garages (Sunnyside Parking Garage and Underground Parking Garron Famiy Wing, formerly Our Lady of Mercy, OLM)  If you require parking, the please contact the IPASS Customer Service: 416-243-6990, Monday –  Friday 8:30 am – 5:00 pm (EST)

Parking is available at a reduced rate for students at $4/ entry and Instructors at $8/ entry during their placement.

For additional information, please see the intranet here. 

Students/Instructors based at RCC, see below for Reactivation Care Centre.

Map & Entrances

St. Joe’s can be overwhelming to navigate if you have not been here before.  Please see the Map & Entrance Guide to make you first day easier.

When arrive for your first day, please use the Melnyk entrance. You will be asked to replace your mask for one provided by the hospital.

Students at RCC please refer to the RCC Student Handbook.

Reactivation Care Centre

For Students and Instructors based at Reactivation Care Centre (RCC) only. 

Onboarding information (badge, logins), please refer to RCC – On Your First Day.

Site specific orientation, please refer to the RCC Student Handbook.

while on placement

Resources for Clinical Instructors, Preceptors and Placement Supervisors

Placement Expectations for Preceptors and Preceptees

Click here for guidance  preceptor and preceptees roles and responsibilities.

Student Policy 

Click here  for Clinical Scope of Practice for Nursing Student.

Additional Unity Health policies can be found at when you login to the network.


The 4 Essentials of Learner Orientation TAHSN

The 4 Essentials of Learner Orientation TAHSN

Facilities at St. Joseph's


The George Pennal Library is located on the first floor of the Sunnyside Building (in the East Wing) and is one of three library sites comprising Library Services at Unity Health Toronto. As a student with St. Joseph’s Health Centre, you have access to the following Library services and resources:

Choose from live instructor-led or On-Demand workshops to learn about searching databases, managing citations, presentation and infographic software, research impact, systematic reviews, and much more. We also offer custom workshops for groups of 3 or more, contact us for details.

Access to a wide range of health information resources (books, journals, databases, point-of-care tools, etc.) in areas of health and medicine, evidence-based practice, clinical teaching, research, as well as leadership development and anti-racism. Visit our library website for links to resources, and to search our online catalogue. Resources are primarily online, and print materials (books and journals) may be borrowed for two weeks, with the option for a 2-week renewal period.

You have access to a suite of research support and collaboration services such as literature search services, online resource guides, interlibrary loan, collaboration for knowledge synthesis projects, and more.

The George Pennal Library includes space for group or independent study and features tables, seating areas, computers, and a printer/photocopier/scanner. The photocopier may be used ONLY to photocopy George Pennal Library material. A single copy may be made for research purposes only – not for reproduction. Please visit our website for space and staffed hours.

Phone: 416-530-6726

For full details about the library, including the latest space and staffed hours, visit:

Food and Drink

The Lakeside Café is located in the Barnicke Wing on the First Floor, just north of the main entrance hallway and the Gift Shop.  The cafe prepares delicious and freshly made food.  You can find daily menus on the shared N:/ drive under Everyone → Lakeside Café or call the Lakeside Cafe hotline at: x2433 (CHEF) 

Operating hours: Monday to Friday: 7.30am to 3:30pm, Monday to Friday; Saturday & Sunday, 11:00am – 3:00pm, Statutory Holiday: closed. 

The Second Cup is open, 6am – 11pm, Monday – Sunday


Pharmacy services are provided to inpatients, outpatients, staff, students and the general public. The Retail (Outpatient) Pharmacy is located in the East Wing on the Ground Floor.

It is open Monday to Friday from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm and closed holidays and weekends. For information, please call 416-530-6555.

Gift Shop

The Gift Shop is located in the Morrow Wing on the First Floor and it is staffed by volunteers. All of our proceeds are donated to St. Joseph’s to support patient care. The Gift Shop is open Monday to Friday, 11:00am – 3:00pm.  It’s closed on weekends and holidays.

For more information, please call 416-530-6000 Ext. 3296.

Zoom Account

Anyone with a email address, including medical learners and students can sign up for a Basic
Zoom account under the Unity Health Zoom Health Care license. You can use this account for virtual care
meetings on a non-hospital device (e.g. a personal device).

Please see ‘Setting up your Unity Health Zoom Health Care Account’  for further details. 

Chapel and Multi-Faith Room

St. Joseph’s Chapel is open to all patients, friends, family, staff, students, and members of our community. It is located in the Morrow Wing, Second Floor, just north of the elevators. It is always unlocked, and all who wish to enter are welcome. Mass is celebrated on weekdays, Monday to Friday at 12 noon, and on Sundays at 10:30 a.m.

Our Multi-Faith (Prayer) Room (2M20) is also located on the Second Floor of the Morrow Wing. This space is open 24 hours a day to all patients, their families, visitors, staff and students for prayer, meditation and reflection.

Bank Machine

There is a bank machine located near the Barnicke entrance of the Lakeside Café, by the vending machines.

Lactation Spaces

Please contact the Student Centre at x4592 or if you need a place to pump.

Bike Cages

Park your bike at St. Joe’s. A secure bike cage is available with a $25 deposit. Please print off the Bicycle Enclosure Application.  Visit Patient Accounts (1E-128) to make your deposit. Bring the form/receipt to Human Resources in the Sunnyside Building (Room 1S-126) to gain access.

Guidelines and Resources

Learn more about the Unity Health education strategy, impact and history.

Students are welcome to participate in the Health Centre’s educational events, collaborative learning activities and in-services that are taking place. Instructors are encouraged to take their students to any in-service that they think may be beneficial for them; IPE (interprofessional education) or collaborative learning opportunities are available to all students from all disciplines 2-3 times per academic year communicated via your email registered on Student Registration System. You may be required to pre-register for an event. Please follow the directions as indicated.

St. Joseph’s Health Centre Unity Health has an expectation that all employees, volunteers, students and physicians will maintain a professional, well-groomed appearance at work in accordance with safety standards and a professional image. There is a business casual dress code in the Hospital; however, all clothing and grooming should contribute to a positive impression of the Hospital. Professional conduct, in accordance with the Code of Conduct, is required at all times in the Hospital. This includes treating patients and co-workers with respect and professionalism.

Safe footwear for clinical areas must fasten securely to the front and back of the foot and have a wide-based low-profile heel and non-slip sole. Safe footwear will offer protection from the potential risk of biological or chemical hazards through closed toes and heels and have no holes or perforations. Shoes must be able to be disinfected, e.g. shoes made from leather or rubber materials etc. Shoes containing mesh material is not considered to offer sufficient protection from blood or bodily fluid or chemical exposures therefore they cannot be worn.

Unity Health Remote Work – Privacy and Confidentiality toolkit

Please note: to access the site, you will need to be onsite or logged in via secure remote access.

ext. 5555

Exception – for Code Blue in Sunnyside Building,  Glendale House, parking garage, call 911

This module aims to promote awareness for staff and learners at Unity Health. Learners can access this module by using the  Log in as guest button.

Enjoy all the benefits of a CFD membership, free to you as a Unity Health learner for the academic year (Sept. 1 – June 30).

As a Unity Health learner, your membership fee will be waived at registration checkout by checking off “I declare that I am a Unity Health Toronto staff, physician, learner, patient/family partner (if applicable) Discounts may apply”

Membership benefits include:

  • 2 Free Workshops
  • Discounted Rates on Programs
  • Live and Archived Rounds
  • Member Exclusive Events
  • Communities of Practice
  • CFD Affiliation & Digital Signature

Please visit the CFD Membership Page for more information and to register.

Please contact us with any questions.

before you leave

ID Badge

Return this to the Student Centre/ID badge station/Security office.


Empty your personal belonging and leave lock if any.

Learner Experience Survey

Your voice matters and makes a difference. The Learner Experience Survey will be sent at the end of your placement. Please remember to complete this survey.

Careers at Unity Health

You can find current openings on the Career Page at the Unity Health website.

Have questions? Contact us here